Pouring it away

So much of what we waste – time, money, trust – we waste because we haven’t found skilful ways of talking to one another.

All the time spent pursuing projects that nobody wanted.

All the time doing things to try to look good in the eyes of others, without even asking them if it actually looks good to them.

All the work we do trying to guess what other people wanted because we’re afraid we’ll look stupid if we tell them we don’t understand.

All the projects that could not happen because we did not find a way to agree on what we really intended.

All the effort spent on what we thought was urgent because we could not talk about what we felt was important.

All of the energy we put into doing things because we felt that acting now was more important than talking with one another about how to act rightly.

And how much we could improve things if, as well as rushing into restructures, reorganisations, and process redesigns, we were prepared to invest as much time and effort learning to talk and listen well together.

Photo Credit: icouldbreathe’ via Compfight cc

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