Is it?

Is it learning when you insist on hearing what makes you comfortable?

Is it love when you’re in it just because you feel good around him or her?

Is it practice when you stop because you don’t feel competent, or because it’s not much fun?

Is it harmony when you deny the conflicts within you and around you?

Is it leadership when you won’t tell anyone what’s really important to you?

Is it conversation when you’re paying attention only to what you have to say?

Is it commitment when you stay in only when things are going your way?

Is it trust when you demand that everyone always meet your standards?

Is it freedom when you insist on never, ever being constrained?

Is it strength when you won’t ask for help?

And is it respect when you won’t say what you think in case they don’t like it?

Photo Credit: Algorithms Riven via Compfight cc

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