Most true

The moment you say “I’m sure” is the moment you close off the future, turning away from the unknown that is always coming.

“I’m sure” is a claim to understand fully how things are.

And how often, if ever, can you know life well enough, particularly how things will turn out, for this to be true?

You could even say that you’re at your most truthful, your most sure, when you let go of the thin veneer of certainty with which you prop yourself up: when you admit first to yourself, and then to others, that you don’t know the whole truth, you don’t fully know who you are, and, like all of us, you really don’t know nearly as much as you say you do about what’s going to happen.

When we hear that from you, we can own up to our own lostness too. And then maybe, together, we can get up to something that matters rather than trying to make ourselves feel safe all the time.

Photo Credit: PSantaRosa  via Compfight cc

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