Developing others – An opportunity to learn together in May

Change – in an individual life, in a work situation, in wider systems – can often be hard because, as I’ve argued previously, it usually requires a shift in both interpretation (the way we make sense of the situations we’re in) and practice (the recurrent actions we take that build familiarity and habit).

All too often, we find ourselves constrained by one or other of these and don’t know how to loosen them enough that we can step into bigger possibilities for ourselves. And, all too often, we’re called upon to help others and we don’t know what to bring them that will help.

But it is possible to learn to become skilful in all this. To become someone who can see into the situations of others with sufficient sensitivity, and who can bring fresh possibilities for interpretation and action with sufficient creativity, that something new can begin to open. A new freedom. A new way of making sense. A new kind of skilfulness in responding to the world.

This is the topic we’ll be taking up in May on the Coaching to Excellence foundation programme I teach a few times a year. We’ll be introducing integral coaching – a powerful approach for supporting the development of people in the ways that I’ve described above. And a topic that’s very close to my heart.

We’ll be in London on May 18-19, and there places still available.

All the details are here.

Photo Credit: theholyllama via Compfight cc

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