Myths we live by

Myths we live by…

… it happens to them, but it could never happen to me

… there’s really no cost to my overworking

… and what I do won’t really affect my body (I’m invincible)

… it (doing what deadens me, sacrificing my integrity, twisting myself out of shape) is only for now

… I don’t need any help

… other people get old, not me

… none of this is, really, happening

… there’s something wrong with me

… there are people who live without pain, grief or suffering (just not me)

… if I wait long enough (am good enough, liked enough, smart enough), someone or something will save me

… I’ll be happy when (I get the car, the lottery win, partnership, I retire)

… everyone’s looking at me

Do you live by any of these?

And have you ever stopped to wonder about the cost?

Photo Credit: KittyKat3756 via Compfight cc

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