No try

No! Try not! Do. Or do not. There is no ‘try’. Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

So often the very quality we have most to bring to the world is also, in our desperate reaching for it, the cause of our suffering and difficulty.

The woman who, trying to feel loved, over-extends herself in helping and self sacrificing, pushing herself into others’ lives without understanding that her efforts obscure that her very presence in the world is a form of love itself.

The young man who, in his urgency to demonstrate his integrity, judges and criticises those around him, wounding and driving people away – not seeing yet that his inherent integrity, in its truer form, is always present, spacious, welcoming and wise.

The man in his 40s who, in his insistence that he not be boxed in – that he remain always free – breaks focus and relationships and so creates a cage for himself, denying the very freedom to engage meaningfully that is his in every moment.

And me, so wishing to bring about peace, stillness and harmony that for many years I stifled others, turned away from disagreement, and did not know my own capacity to be still in the midst of storms of conflict and difference and anger.

So often the key to our own flourishing – and to bringing our gifts – is finding out that the very quality we are efforting hardest to bring about is the one that is right here, if we could be brave enough to embrace it and to relax our endless trying.

Photo Credit: The Macgyver via Compfight cc

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