Getting unstuck, and learning together

Our repetitive, habitual patterns – and our ability to create them – can be great supports in our lives. Who would want to have to reinvent every day the familiar paths we rely upon to get us up, dressed and fed? Or those that support us in navigating our way through our houses and cities, or in driving our cars? Or those that help us relate to the people closest to us?

And yet there are times when our patterns become unwanted, because we’ve outgrown them or because they no longer serve the situations in which we find ourselves. Many of the changes we encounter in life – entering or ending a relationship, becoming a parent, losing a loved one, a promotion at work, changing career, stepping into a leadership role, growing from childhood to adulthood – require us to be able to identify the patterns that are no longer supporting us and let them drop away so that something new can be learned.

But this can be far from easy. Often we don’t know our patterns well enough to be able to work with them. And even if we know them, we don’t always know what to do in order to break free.

I’ll be taking up this topic, as well as introducing integral development coaching, at a quarterly Coaching Round Table event in London on Sunday 22nd November, which is open to everyone. We’ll explore coaching in the morning, and in the afternoon we’ll study the patterns we get stuck in from the point of view of the body, the imagination, and the narratives in which we live. You’ll have an opportunity to explore your own patterns, and to receive and give help to others in theirs. And together we’ll see what new new ways we can invent of stepping into bigger possibilities for ourselves.

I’m also teaching a two-day Coaching to Excellence programme in London on 7th and 8th December. It’s suitable if you’re experienced in coaching others or new to this work. We’ll study together what it is to be a human being, how development comes about, and how we can participate more fully in our own lives and in the lives of others. And we’ll learn ways of supporting ourselves and others to respond with wisdom and skilfulness to the wide world that presents itself to us.

It’s been very meaningful for me to meet many of you who read my work here at workshops and courses like this. Perhaps you’ll think of joining us this time.

Photo Credit: RedMorris via Compfight cc

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