I am an emotional creature

In our conversation on Sunday 12th November, Lizzie and Justin began with Eve Ensler’s poem ‘I am an Emotional Creature’. We talk about being male and female, how society pushes us towards gendered roles and orientations to the world, and what gets left out when we gravitate to either one of the poles of emotion or intellect without the other.

You can find the poem, which we recommend you read before watching, here:

Photo Credit: Darkrevette Flickr via Compfight cc

4 thoughts on “I am an emotional creature

  1. Dear Justin and Lizzie,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful conversation and for sharing this beautiful poem. Both it, and what you had to say about it, knocked me sideways. I resonated deeply with everything you had to say and found myself wishing you had spoken even longer.

    I, too, was struck by the lines about feeling things in my legs and arms and belly, and not apprehending things as ‘ideas’ or abstract thought. It reminded me of Frost’s line about a poem starting somewhere as a lump in the throat, without words, as a kind of homesickness.

    It also struck me that much of what you said, including the poem itself, could be applied to those of us who identify as introverts. I feel increasingly that many of our work spaces, and as you say the narratives we are invited to play out there, drown out that pre-verbal, shy persona that many of us naturally call home.

    Anyway, I just wanted to salute you and thank you and say all power to you. I can’t promise to be there next Sunday, but I will be watching your episodes one way or the other as you post them up.

    With deep and sincere thanks
    Anthony Wilson

    • Anthony – you’re adding so much to the conversation. Now you’ve joined our facebook group, if you comment there then many others can benefit from your insight and wisdom. And yes to what you say about being ‘introvert’ and the pre-verbal that is so easily drowned out in the world.
      We are so pleased you’re in this conversation with us.
      Lizzie & Justin

      • Thanks Lizzie and Justin.
        I have copied and pasted my thoughts onto the FB page. I’m looking forward to hearing and listening more.
        You are a beam of light in a tough year. All best as ever

      • Thanks for joining us over on FB.
        I am really moved to read this Anthony and so glad to have you with us.

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