What to Remember When Waking

The latest conversation in the ‘Turning Towards Life’ project, What to Remember When Waking is here.

This week – how to live in the middle of life’s mystery without being swallowed by fear, or losing touch with ourselves, how to have our lives be informed by the depth and imagination of our sleeping dreams, and what it is to find a way to be a gift back to the life that is a gift to us. Our source this week is by the poet David Whyte.

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Because we are story-telling beings, we humans have a million ways of avoiding being present to what is right in front of us – people, projects, possibilities, suffering – and what is within us – thoughts, feelings, and the sensations and wisdom arising in our bodies.

We so easily spin stories, throw ourselves into guilt and reminiscence about the past, worry about and try to anticipate the future. And while each of these have their place, they so easily distract us from what we’re most directly in the midst of.

Missing what and who is here robs us of the opportunity to experience life in its richness as we go.

More importantly for everyone else, it denies us the opportunity to bring ourselves at our fullest. Because in our distraction, we respond not to the needs of the moment, but to the needs of our fear, or to our wish to not have to face the world as it is.

Our deepest possibilities for connection and contribution are muted – whenever here is not where we are, and now is not what we’re responding to.

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See Paris First


The latest conversation in the ‘Turning Towards Life’ project, ‘See Paris First, episode 71, is here.

This week we take up the topic of fear, and how our avoidance of it can shrink our lives. We consider together what it takes to live in an ever larger world of both meaning and contribution, and how that nearly always calls on us to move towards what we’re most afraid of.

As we go we talk about the ways in which fear draws us away from our capacity to respond to what’s actually happening now, the kindness to ourselves that’s required to work with all of this, the perils of living in a narrative of ‘self-improvement’, how it is that our fears are also a kind of loyalty to something that matters or mattered, and the ‘leaving home’ that’s required to find a new and more spacious home in which we can live.

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Catching up – latest conversations from Turning Towards Life

For some time I’ve been publishing the full posts – videos and writing – from the Turning Towards Life project here on ‘On Living and Working’. As an experiment, this week, here are simply the links to the two most recent conversations. You can find the full text and videos on the other end of the link and, always, at turningtowards.life

I hope you enjoy these. They were both rich, deep, joyful conversations which have generated a lot of conversation over in our free-to-join facebook group which is always the first home for this project, and where the videos are streamed live every Sunday.

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