About Justin Wise

I’m a coach to people in organisations and professions, writer, co-founder of the coaching and development organisation Thirdspace, faculty member at New Ventures West, organisation consultant, educator, philosopher, artist, parent and musician.

My academic studies at the universities of Cambridge, London and Sussex began in computer science and then, over a decade ago, turned towards philosophy, organisations and adult development.

I am interested in how we can learn to live and work in a way that makes a significant and meaningful contribution. And I’ve become particularly committed to supporting the developmental transformations that take place in adults, which allow us to see more deeply into ourselves and into life and take more courageous, creative and principled action that serves the world at large rather than just ourselves.

My work supports the development of people, particularly those who have extensive reach and whose actions affect many others, so they can bring themselves with integrity, courage and wisdom to the world. At heart, I’m dedicated to cultivating human freedom, so that we can release ourselves and others to make the contribution we so urgently need.

You can find a more about me here.

And here’s something on the Olduvai Hand Axe – the artifact that inspired everything here.

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