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Professional one-to-one coaching programmes
for individuals and for leaders in organisations

“In the end, we need to feel that the life we lived was our life, not someone else’s, that it was chosen rather simply our following the instructions on the box, and that we stood in a respectful relationship to that which is larger than ordinary comforts and provided a deep sense of meaning, of satisfaction, and reciprocity. Then it may be said that we have really been here, living the life we were meant to live. The task, and the path we take in addressing it, will be different for each of us, but that is the gift we are asked to share, the gift of our separate selves.”

— James Hollis

Perhaps the most important task for each of us, if we want to bring ourselves fully to the world in our lives and in our work, is first discovering what is most genuinely true for us, and then finding the courage and resources to make it central to who we are and what we do.

It sounds simple, but it is among the most difficult projects we will ever take on.

My work, with private clients and with organisations, is designed to support people in this endeavour.

Develop your capacity to do what matters to you in the world.

A purpose-designed coaching programme gives you the rigorous, ongoing support and structure needed to help you inquire, develop lasting skillfulness, and take action on the central possibilities of your life and work.

I’ve worked on this with people from all kinds of organisations and professions, and from many places in the world. If you’d like to learn with me in the way they have, I’d be delighted to speak with you.

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