Why write about the critic?

Why write so much about the inner critic, as I have done here so often over the past three years?

  1. Because we all have one, whether we’ve caught onto it or not
  2. Because so many of us think we’re the only ones
  3. Because it’s a source of so much suffering for each of us – the world as brought to us by the critic is riddled with harshness, judgement, and fear
  4. Because when we react to the self-wounding of our own critics we very often cause suffering for others
  5. Because the critic has each of us living in a very small space, a tightly-bound world in which actions that would help us, and help those around us, are denied to us
  6. Because the critic is more interested in maintaining our safety than in our creativity, compassion and contribution
  7. Because the troubles of the world desperately need us – and every ounce of creativity, compassion and contribution we can muster
  8. And because there is no time to waste

Photography by Justin Wise