Life as the bottom line

What could become possible, I wonder, if we treated life and aliveness with as much seriousness as the bottom line, key performance indicators, and productivity measures? And what kind of world do we create when life is treated as a mere secondary consideration, or not at all?

Two wonderful and provocative pieces of writing on this topic to share with you, both by George Monbiot.

The first, Amputating Life Close to Its Base, on the way corporate cultures can narrow our creativity – our very aliveness – in the pursuit of predictability.

The second, Work-Force, on “a life-denying, love-denying mindset” in our culture, “informed not by joy or contentment, but by an ambition that is both desperate and pointless, for it cannot compensate for what it displaces: childhood, family life, the joys of summer, meaningful and productive work, a sense of arrival”

Monbiot’s writing is powerful in its ability to point out what’s just out of view, shaping our understanding of ourselves and what’s possible for us. And important, because many organisations exist in a self-sealing world in which serious engagement with these topics is not possible because it’s considered ‘touchy feely’ or ‘anti-business’.

Photo Credit: Xavier Donat via Compfight cc