This week, to mark the first anniversary of this project, I am republishing favourite posts from each month of the first year of On Living and Working.
This is from October 2013.

It seems to me we could go a long way in work and in wider life we were to take aliveness more seriously.

Many organisations I come across seem to be in the middle of a constriction that’s going the other way. More processes, more rules, more plans, more meetings in which people wonder why they’re present, more measures, more hours, more rushing, more emails, more unexpressed panic, more overwhelm, more spinning in tight spirals, more quiet fearfulness.

Where does all this lead if we continue down this path?

And yet, if you look closely and quietly for a while, you get to see that most of what’s happening that’s of value take place in spite of these, not because of them. The new idea sparked in a conversation in the lift, a moment of genuine connection between members of a team that allows for new understanding and trust, the discovery of some inner resourcefulness that allows someone to speak up in a new way, a fiery exchange in which what’s important is expressed and heard: all are examples of this.

When we forget that organisations are alive we miss a huge opportunity. At the moment I think most of us have our heads turned in the other direction.

Photo Credit: code poet via Compfight cc