The way we’re working isn’t working

I know. You take getting things done seriously. In fact, it’s pretty much all you think about – how much you’ve done, how much is yet undone, and all the consequences if you don’t stay on top of everything all the time.

But how seriously do you take your capacity to get things done?

So many of us are running continuously on empty, or near to empty, because we’ve forgotten about this. We think that if we just keep on pushing ourselves, perhaps eventually we’ll have the opportunity to rest. But we know, really where that ends. In exhaustion, in collapse, in burn-out, in illness. And, more immediately, it seriously erodes our capacity to do anything important, to do anything well.

So instead of looking all the time at how much you’re getting done, how about shifting your attention to how much energy you have? You’ll reap huge dividends by attending seriously to sleep, to rest, to exercise, to eating well, to cultivating a wider range of interests that touch you, to building and maintaining supportive and nurturing relationships with others.

if you’re struggling and suffering, it may be because you haven’t looked here yet. Or you’ve looked but haven’t take action.

If you’d like some support in this – rigorous research, and many practical suggestions – you could read ‘Be Excellent at Anything’ by Tony Schwartz. (I thought the book’s original title ‘The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working’ pointed even more crisply into the difficulties so many people experience.) He’s done a wonderful job of bringing together understanding from many different disciplines to show us what’s possible, and what it takes, to live a life in which we’re able do what’s important to us because of the way we’re taking care of ourselves.

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