Love and fear

Love and fear are never so far apart.

To pursue something you love – a person, a way of life, freedom, making a contribution, doing something meaningful, having a voice in the world – is always to expose yourself to the possibility, the inevitability, of one day losing it all.

Often we’d rather fade into the background, doing what ‘one does’, not feeling too much, not standing out too much, not risking too much, so that we don’t have to experience the fear of the loss that we know will come.

Better, we think, to stay safe and not have to experience all this. That way, we imagine, we’ll protect ourselves from the pain we don’t wish to feel.

But to be human is to love. And to have a voice. And to contribute.

And to fear.

And eventually, yes, to lose.

What better time is there to begin, if you have not already, than now?

Photo Credit: UGArdener via Compfight cc


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