10 year celebration, 21st May, London

It’s ten years since I put down the tools of my former life (computer programming tools, mostly) to see what would become possible if I responded to an insistent, mysterious, and much more uncertain but genuine vocational call – attending to the possibility of human life more fully and genuinely lived through coaching, teaching, organisation development and writing.

And it was from this putting down and taking up that thirdspacethe organisation I founded, was born. For the past ten years we’ve committed ourselves to the development of others and, for the last seven, to teaching others to do, with as much integrity and skill as possible, the kind of work we love so deeply. It’s been a blessing to be surrounded by clients, teachers, colleagues, faculty and friends who embody such deep shared commitment to the repair of what’s broken in the world.

And to celebrate all of this we’re holding an evening workshop on Music and Vocation in London, at 7pm on 21st May, with the wonderful Dubravko Lapaine. Du was pursuing a PhD in mathematics when he heard and responded to a very different call. He’s now a highly talented and respected didgeridoo player. He’ll be with us for the evening, playing, in conversation, and exploring what it is to follow a vocational path of this kind.

As well as a celebration, and a chance to learn, it’s our first foray into the world of the arts. It’s been a long held ambition of mine to bring art, development, learning and music together.

Maybe some of you will join us.

I’d love that.

All the details are here.


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